Romesh C. Batra


  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering (Gold Medalist, 1st rank in 3 states), Punjabi Univ., India, 1968. 
  • M.A.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, Univ. of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada, 1969. 
  • Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, 1972.

Research Interests

Multiscale Analysis of Multiphysics Problems involving material and Geometric Nonlinearities, Nanomechanics, Dynamic Failure under Shock Loads, Smart Structures, Functionally Graded Materials.

Computational Materials Science

Work of Research Group featured on Cover of Computational Materials Science

Featured from: D. Verma, S. S. Gupta and R. C. Batra, Vibration Mode Localization in Single- and Multi-layered Graphene NanoribbonsComputational Materials Science95, 41-52, 2014.

Activities of My Group

Text Book: Elements of Continuum Mechanics

Computer Code (in Fortran) for the solution of linear elastodynamic problems by the meshless local Petrov-Galerkin (MLPG) method.

Penetration Simulations

Simulations of a Taylor Impact Test

  • Depleted Uranium (DU)
  • Tungsten heavy alloy (WHA)

Modeling and Simulation Capabilities (powerpoint)

Research Activities in the Computational Mechanics Lab (poster)

Journal Editor

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Dr. Batra's CV

Romesh C. Batra, PhD

University Distinguished Professor, Clifton C. Garvin Professor

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Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics (0219)
Norris Hall, Room 333-E, Virginia Tech
495 Old Turner Street
Blacksburg, VA 24061 



Blast Mitigation Team

Research Activities in the Computational Mechanics Lab (poster)


Feature from Virginia Tech Magazine

Summary of Results on Laminated Plates