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4/3/19: Our paper on how surface orientation affects jumping-droplet condensation has been published in Joule. Congrats to Ranit for getting accepted in this prestigious new journal by Cell Press! Also, congrats to undergraduate co-authors Austin and Joshua for getting two papers published in the same week!

3/26/19: Our first paper on synthetic transpiration has been published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Congrats to Weiwei!

2/26/19: Farzad has won this year's Outstanding Doctoral Student award for the College of Engineering! A big congrats to Farzad for this well-deserved honor.

2/20/19: Congrats to Lance for winning a Best Poster prize at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Adhesion Society for his research on anti-frosting cables!

2/8/19: Our paper on how liquids wick aross ice has been published in Physical Review Fluids. Congrats to Katherine for getting a first-author paper as an undergraduate!

12/7/18: Congrats to Farzad for winning the Amir Chand and Dewki Bai Batra Fellowship, Ranit for winning the Liviu Librescu Memorial Fellowship, and Pranav for winning the Manuel Stein Fellowship!

11/16/18: Congrats to Weiwei for being a national finalist in the Collegiate Inventors Competition for her fog harp!

10/18/18: Congrats to Julia O'Brien for winning the Louis H. & Diane E. Sharpe Award and to Lance De Koninck for winning the Adhesive Manufacturing Scholarship from MII!

10/12/18: Our paper on controlling desublimation with ice nucleating proteins has been published in Applied Physics Letters. Congrats to Julia for getting a first-author paper as an undergraduate!

9/27/18: Our collaborative research with Prof. Sunny Jung has been published in PLoS ONE.

9/17/18: Our paper on passive anti-frosting surfaces has been published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.  Congrats to Farzad, Saurabh, Grady, and our ORNL collaborators!

8/29/18: Our paper on dry zones around ice has been published in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics.  Congrats to Saurabh and Caitlin for getting our group's first JFM paper!

8/3/18: Our paper on oil-impregnated polyethylene films has been published in Scientific Reports. Congrats to Ranit, Mohammad, and Ziad, and thanks to our co-authors at Bemis!

7/3/18: Our perspective paper on how to diversify bioinspired research has been published in Bioinspiration & Biomimetics.

5/15/18: Congrats to Collin, Daniel, David, Ricky, and Ziad for winning the Best Senior Project Award for their research on synthetic trees!

4/24/18: Congrats to Farzad for winning the Liviu Librescu Memorial Fellowship and to Weiwei for winning the Manuel Stein Scholarship!

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Boreyko Group | Virginia Tech

This artwork represents our desire to draw inspiration from nature to develop novel technologies and systems.

NIFI Group, Summer 2017.

Our work was featured on the front cover of Applied Physics Letters!

Prof. Boreyko has won the NSF CAREER Award from the Thermal Transport Processes program for his proposal on engineering synthetic mangrove trees for water harvesting applications.  

Farzad, Grady, and Saurabh were national finalists in the 2017 Collegiate Inventors Competition!

”Tuning Superhydrophobic Nanostructures To Enhance Jumping-Droplet Condensation’’ was published in ACS Nano.

”Latent heat of traffic moving from rest’’ was the most-read paper in the New Journal of Physics.

”Dynamic Defrosting on Scalable Superhydrophobic Surfaces’’ was published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

The Nature-Inspired Fluids & Interfaces Lab is led by Dr. Jonathan Boreyko. Inspired by nature's design for animals, plants, and the weather, our group's research involves characterizing unexplored phenomena and designing innovative materials and systems. Our research is a multi-disciplinary combination of fluids dynamics, heat transfer, interfacial phenomena, materials science, and renewable energy.