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6/25/19: Prof. Boreyko has received the 2019 Outstanding Early Career Award from ASME ICNMM.

6/19/19: Can plants sneeze? Read our new paper featured on the cover of the Journal of the Royal Society Interface to find out! Congrats to NIFI students Saurabh, Farzad, Stuti, and Caitlin! Also, a big thanks to our collaborators Hope and David!

6/18/19: Prof. Boreyko has received the Ferdinand P. Beer and E. Russell Johnston, Jr., Outstanding New Mechanics Educator Award from the ASEE.

6/18/19: Our paper on freezing bubbles has been published in Nature Communications! Congrats to Farzad, Saurabh, and Christian, and to our collaborator Pengtao.

5/29/19: Congrats to Lance for winning an undergraduate research scholarship from the Virginia Space Grant Consortium!

5/29/19: Congrats to Hyunggon for winning the Outstanding Poster Award at the 2019 Soft Matter and Biological Physics Symposium!

5/13/19: A huge congrats to Farzad for successfully defending his PhD thesis! Farzad is not only NIFI's first PhD, he also won this year's Outstanding CoE Doctoral Student Award. Farzad, thanks for all you've done over the past 5 years, and for setting the bar high for the NIFI lab!

5/7/19: Congrats to Pranav for winning 1st-place MS student for the Torgerson Research Excellence Award!

4/15/19: Congrats to Kaavya for winning the Clare Boothe Luce Undergraduate Research Award!

4/3/19: Our paper on how surface orientation affects jumping-droplet condensation has been published in Joule. Congrats to Ranit for getting accepted in this prestigious new journal by Cell Press! Also, congrats to undergraduate co-authors Austin and Joshua for getting two papers published in the same week!

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Journal Publications (by year)


  1. S. Nath*, S.F. Ahmadi*, H.A. Gruszewski, S. Budhiraja, C.E. Bisbano, S. Jung, D.G. Schmale III, and J.B. Boreyko, “‘Sneezing’ plants: pathogen transport via jumping-droplet condensation,” J. Royal Soc. Interface 16, 20190243 (2019). (*Equal contribution)
  2. Front Cover of Volume 16, Issue 155
    •Featured in Science News, “‘Sneezing’ plants may spread pathogens to their neighbors,” June 18, 2019.
    •Research Highlight in Nature: “A plant’s sneeze spreads disease,” June 20, 2019.
    •Featured in VTNews: “‘Sneezing’ plants contribute to disease proliferation,” June 20, 2019.

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    •Featured in The Verge: “The science behind those viral videos of freezing soap bubbles,” June 18, 2019.
    •Featured in NRC (Netherlands): “Bubble freezes into a magical snow globe,” June 18, 2019.
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    •Featured in Physics Today: “Bubbles freeze in a swirl of ice crystals,” June 20, 2019.

  5. W. Shi, J.R. Vieitez, A.S. Berrier, M.W. Roseveare, D.A. Surinach, B.R. Srijanto, C.P. Collier, and J.B. Boreyko, "Self-Stabilizing Transpiration in Synthetic Leaves,"ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 11, 13768-13776 (2019).
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  3. •One of journal’s ‘Most Read Articles’ for October 2018.
    •Podcast in Scientific American: "Antifreeze Surface Fights Ice with Ice," September 25, 2018.
    •Video highlight by the National Science Foundation (NSF): “4 Awesome Discoveries You Probably Didn’t Hear About This Week: Episode 15,” September 22, 2018.
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    •Featuerd in Cosmos Magazine: “Anti-frosting surface could revolutionise deicing,” September 17, 2018.
    •Featured in Daily Mail (UK): “Say goodbye to scraping ice off your windscreen! Frost resistant material keeps surfaces 90% clear without any chemicals,” September 17, 2018.
    •Featured in Phys.org: “World’s first passive anti-frosting surface fights ice with ice,” September 17, 2018.

  4. H. Kang, P.M. Graybill, S. Fleetwood, J.B. Boreyko, and S. Jung, “Seasonal changes in morphology govern wettability of Katsura leaves,” PLoS ONE 13, e0202900 (2018).

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  6. •Featured in MSN: “Super Slippery Packaging Aimed At Taking Pain Out of Opening Ketchup Packet,” August 3, 2018.
    •Featured in Yahoo!: “Ketchup Packets Become the New Straws as Scientists Battle Plastic Waste,” August 3, 2018.
    •Featured in Daily Mirror (UK): “Scientists develop ‘super slippery’ packaging that ensures you get every last drop of ketchup,” August 3, 2018.
    •Featured in ScienceDaily: “Rethinking ketchup packets: New approach to slippery packaging aims to cut food waste,” August 3, 2018.

  7. S. Nath*, C.E. Bisbano*, P. Yue, and J.B. Boreyko, “Duelling dry zones around hygroscopic droplets,” J. Fluid Mech. 853, 601-620 (2018). (*Equal contribution)
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  9. W. Shi, M.J. Anderson, J.B. Tulkoff, B.S. Kennedy, and J.B. Boreyko, "Fog Harvesting with Harps,” ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 10, 11979-11986 (2018).
  10. •Cover story in Chemical & Engineering News magazine: “Can stripping the air of its moisture quench the world’s thirst?” October 14, 2018.
    Yale Climate Connections podcast episode: “Redwood trees inspired this device that collects water from the air,” August 10, 2018.
    •Featured in The Verge: “Scientists are harvesting water by building fog harps and zapping the air,” June 8, 2018.
    •Video highlight in ACS PressPac: “Harvesting water from for with harps," April 18, 2018.
    •Featured in CNN: “‘Fog harp’ makes water out of thin air,” April 10, 2018.
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    •Featured in Digital Trends: “The ‘fog harp’ pulles water out of thin air, could help drought-prone communities,” March 29, 2018.

  11. O.L. Hansen*, A.B. Sheen*, K.M. Swedberg*, K.W. Vitale*, S.M. Wray*, M.D. Fox, and J.B. Boreyko, "Thermally Absorptive Blankets for Highly Efficient Snowbank Melting," Langmuir 34, 2606-2609 (2018).  (*Equal contribution)
  12. •Featured on NPR: Science Friday, March 16, 2018.
    •Featured in Chemical & Engineering News magazine: “Melting snow piles with an aluminum blanket,” March 12, 2018.
    •One of Langmuir’s ‘Most Read Articles’ for March 2018.
    •Featured in Popular Science: “Special ‘blankets’ could help melt monstrous snowbanks more quickly,” February 26, 2018.
    •Featured on Discovery Channel Canada: Daily Planet, February 19, 2018.
    •Featured in WDBJ7 News: “Blacksburg team melts away snow worries with Melt Mat invention,” February 19, 2018.


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  2. •Editorial in The Guardian: “Stop racing. You’ll still get there just as quickly,” Jan. 12, 2018.
    •Chosen for the New Journal of Physics Highlights of 2017.
    •Featured in Science: “Tailgating won’t get you through that intersection any faster,” Dec. 1, 2018.
    •#1 most-read article in New Journal of Physics for December 2017.
    •Featured in WVTF Virginia Public Radio, NBC News Radio, Engineering.com, The Roanoke Star, WDBJ Channel 7 News, The Wire, and VT News.

  3. M.D. Mulroe, B.R. Srijanto, S.F. Ahmadi, C.P. Collier, and J.B. Boreyko, “Tuning Superhydrophobic Nanostructures to Enhance Jumping-Droplet Condensation,” ACS Nano 11, 8499-8510 (2017).

    •Featured in VT News.

  4. J.B. Boreyko, P.M. Caveney, S.E. Norred, C.W. Chin, S.T. Retterer, M.L. Simpson, and C.P. Collier, “Synthetic Biology in Aqueous Compartments at the Micro- and Nanoscale,” MRS Advances DOI: 10.1557/adv.2017.489 (2017).

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    Front cover of Volume 110, Issue 14.
    •Featured in AIP Publishing: “Jumping Droplets Extinguish Unpredictable Hotspots in Electronics”.

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    •Highlighted in Introducing Our Authors feature of Volume 6, Issue 2.


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    •Featured in Science News for Students: “Beetles offer people lessons in moisture control”, August 25, 2016.
    •Featured in USA Today: “Could this desert beetle be the solution to preventing frost on airplane wings?” January 25, 2016.
    •Featured in Popular Science: “Desert Beetle Teaches Scientists about how Frost Forms."
    •Featured on Discovery Channel Canada: Daily Planet, Jan. 22.


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    •Featured in Civil Engineering: “Technique Furthers Water-Harvesting Possibilities”

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    Back Cover of Volume 10, Issue 15.

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    Correction: ACS Nano 8, 1949–1950 (2014).


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    •Featured in Langmuir’s ‘Most Read Articles’ for July 2013.

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    •Featured on Discovery Channel (Canada): Super Slo-Mo Tuesdays, Nov. 3.

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    Front cover of Volume 103, Issue 17.
    •Featured in Oct. 27th NY Times: “Vibrations Keep Water Out of Lotus Leaves.”.