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6/25/19: Prof. Boreyko has received the 2019 Outstanding Early Career Award from ASME ICNMM.

6/19/19: Can plants sneeze? Read our new paper featured on the cover of the Journal of the Royal Society Interface to find out! Congrats to NIFI students Saurabh, Farzad, Stuti, and Caitlin! Also, a big thanks to our collaborators Hope and David!

6/18/19: Prof. Boreyko has received the Ferdinand P. Beer and E. Russell Johnston, Jr., Outstanding New Mechanics Educator Award from the ASEE.

6/18/19: Our paper on freezing bubbles has been published in Nature Communications! Congrats to Farzad, Saurabh, and Christian, and to our collaborator Pengtao.

5/29/19: Congrats to Lance for winning an undergraduate research scholarship from the Virginia Space Grant Consortium!

5/29/19: Congrats to Hyunggon for winning the Outstanding Poster Award at the 2019 Soft Matter and Biological Physics Symposium!

5/13/19: A huge congrats to Farzad for successfully defending his PhD thesis! Farzad is not only NIFI's first PhD, he also won this year's Outstanding CoE Doctoral Student Award. Farzad, thanks for all you've done over the past 5 years, and for setting the bar high for the NIFI lab!

5/7/19: Congrats to Pranav for winning 1st-place MS student for the Torgerson Research Excellence Award!

4/15/19: Congrats to Kaavya for winning the Clare Boothe Luce Undergraduate Research Award!

4/3/19: Our paper on how surface orientation affects jumping-droplet condensation has been published in Joule. Congrats to Ranit for getting accepted in this prestigious new journal by Cell Press! Also, congrats to undergraduate co-authors Austin and Joshua for getting two papers published in the same week!

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Teaching & Outreach


Spring 2018
ESM 5334: Interfacial Fluid Mechanics 
(TR, 12:30-1:45pm)

Description: This is a brand new course created by Prof. Boreyko, that should be of interest to any grad students or seniors doing research related to fluid mechanics or phase-change heat transfer. Analytical techniques such as scaling analysis and non-dimensionalization will be learned and subsequently applied to model a variety of phenomena including capillarity, surface wettability, hydrodynamics of interfaces, flow instabilities, long range forces of thin films, convective and diffusive boundary layers, phase stability, homogeneous and heterogeneous nucleation, two-phase flows, and phase-change heat transfer systems.


Summer Camps:
Our research group runs summer camp modules in conjunction with the Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity (CEED).  In 2016, our “Jumping Drops and Ice Bridges!” camp showcased visually exciting examples of phase-change phenomena such as jumping-droplet condensation and inter-droplet ice bridging, and included hands-on activities in the PI’s laboratory.  This module was used for 4 groups of high-school female students (C-Tech2 Camp) and also for 4 groups of middle school students (Imagination Camp) during Summer 2016. 

Playing a game outside to demonstrate how frost growth works.


Hands-on demonstration of inter-droplet frost growth using a digital camera, microscope, cold stage, and humidity chamber.


Bio-Inspired Science & Technology (BIST)

Prof. Boreyko is a founding member of the Bio-Inspired Science & Technology (BIST) Center, which provides a collaborative platform for interdisciplinary research between engineering and the life sciences.  If you are interested in being a part of BIST, we are currently meeting on Tuesdays at 12pm in Goodwin 440 for pizza and discussions. 


Art & Science Integration

Prof. Boreyko believes that art is a powerful way to communicate scientific concepts, both to technical and general audiences.  Sallie Wolf, an artist based in Chicago, provided a watercolor illustration to complement the journal article ‘Dynamic morphologies of microscale droplet interface bilayers’, which was featured on the back cover of Soft Matter.  He has also collaborated with Mary Katherine Chin, an art teacher at Woodland Elementary School in Oak Ridge, TN, to create the artwork and logo for his Nature-Inspired Fluids & Interfaces Lab.  If you are an artist or photographer interested in collaborating with Prof. Boreyko, please contact him at boreyko@vt.edu.