Dr. Duke's CV

Pioneering Accomplishments

  • SHM for mag-lev train application, Hitachi
  • Optical fiber sensor development, NASA/LaRC
  • Assessment of FOS durability, NASA/LaRC
  • Assessment of corrosion on adhesively bonded joints, EWI
  • AE Bridge Monitoring System, Sonix
  • AE from Bridge Steels, VDOT/VTRC
  • SHM for Post-tensioned tendons, VDOT/VTRC
  • Ultrasonic Monitoring of Fatigue Damage in Metals, AFOSR
  • Acousto-ultrasonic monitoring of fatigue damage development in composite materials, NASA/LeRC

SHM-guided NDE

Dr. Duke has been involved with development and application of technology for monitoring structures to provide forewarning of end of functional service life since the mid-1970s and continuing during his time at Virginia Tech in the Damage Science and Mechanics Laboratory.  These experiences have brought a recognition that wide-spread application of SHM is hampered by a lack of investment in nondestructive characterization of deteriorated materials databases in the way for example Stress amplitude versus cycles to failure databases (SN curves) have been established.  This along with impediments to demonstrating life-cycle cost benefits for systems and structures with long service lives in a culture adverse to technological approaches creates a present day reality to explore strategies where SHM can guide the wise application of NDE.

SHM guided NDE bridges and cantilever ancillary structures
Support for work in this area is currently being sought.

SHM guided NDE of damage tolerant aircraft component
Support for work in this area is currently being sought.

SHM Trigger NDE (extended abstract)

SHM Triggered NDE (slides)