Dr. Duke's CV

Pioneering Accomplishments

  • SHM for mag-lev train application, Hitachi
  • Optical fiber sensor development, NASA/LaRC
  • Assessment of FOS durability, NASA/LaRC
  • Assessment of corrosion on adhesively bonded joints, EWI
  • AE Bridge Monitoring System, Sonix
  • AE from Bridge Steels, VDOT/VTRC
  • SHM for Post-tensioned tendons, VDOT/VTRC
  • Ultrasonic Monitoring of Fatigue Damage in Metals, AFOSR
  • Acousto-ultrasonic monitoring of fatigue damage development in composite materials, NASA/LeRC

Sustainable Design

In 2009 in a paper delivered at the ASEE Southeastern Section a new design paradigm was proposed which recognized that historically the compact between designer and asset owner, to replace assets at or before the design life, is almost always violated through life (use) extension schemes. The reality that critical assets, for a variety of reasons, remain in service beyond the design life demands a design paradigm which supports sustaining the asset for an indefinite service life.

Since that pioneering proposal aspects of sustainable planning and design philosophy have been described. The state-of-art and practice regarding maintenance, preservation, repair, rehabilitation, nondestructive inspection for assuring fabrication conformance with design, structural health monitoring (SHM) augmented nondestructive evaluation (NDE), and the need for SHM/NDE engineering subject matter experts identified.  The Damage Science and Mechanics Laboratory is striving to make sustainable design a reality for future generations.

Some papers and presentations discussing this issue:

  1. What the Romans knew but we don’t?
  2. Why the present infrastructure was, and continues to be designed to fail?
  3. How to design infrastructure systems to last indefinitely.

Sustainable Design Learning Module:

  1. Final Report
  2. Sustainable Design Powerpoint
  3. Design for Inspectability Powerpoint.